How Alpaca Works


Does it display on all devices?
Yes, it is designed for all devices and operating systems.

Is it responsive?
Yes, it is fully responsive.

Which browsers are supported?
• Our maps display on modern browsers.
• In the unlikely event it is not supported, a static image will display.

Creating your map

What routes can I plot?
You can plot any plane, road, walking or bike routes. Coming soon will be public rail and bus routes as well as ocean travel.

Visit the ‘Academy’ for video tutorials


It’s not working? We can help you.
Email us at and we can help you create or embed your map.


Which platforms can it be embedded into?
The embed is flexible enough to be inserted onto any platform (specific guides coming soon).

View demo on embedding in a WordPress site >

View demo on embedding on >

How do I embed the map?
Log into your account dashboard. Once you’ve created a map you will see the ‘Share or embed link’. Copy this code and paste it onto your website.


What’s the cost?

Standard Maps – Free!
Create an unlimited number of maps, embed and share them wherever you want to.

Premium Maps
Access an enterprise solution with additional customisations, features and support.

Valet Service
For a per map fee, we can create the maps for you, either from content you supply, or as a custom curation service.